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If you were affected by the recent flooding in Colorado you should apply for FEMA benefits there's no reason not to FEMA's financial assistance program is designed to help uninsured and underinsured homeowners and renters meet necessary expenses and serious needs when no other funds are available even if you have insurance you should still apply for FEMA benefits in case a dispute with your in sherman insurance company regarding your settlement arises the deadline in Colorado to apply for beam FEMA benefits was just extended to November 30th 2022 don't delay in applying simply go to disaster assistance gov for more information now maybe you've already applied for fema benefits and you believe you have wrongly been denied that's not a final decision you are entitled to an appeal and there may be assistance available but you only have 60 days to do so contact disaster legal services at wwc olo flood legal relief ERG were called toll-free at 855 4245 347 to discuss if they can help you with your FEMA claim keep as much documentation as you can and if you get a denial letter in the mail from FEMA or if you believe you are entitled to a bigger amount from FEMA keep the letter and all other documentation and contact disaster legal services without delay your appeal is time-sensitive there are only 60 days from the date of your denial letter to file the appeal and the sooner you seek help and filing that appeal the sooner you could potentially have badly needed money in your pocket finally if you do receive money from FEMA remember to keep documentation that shows how you spent that money you are only allowed to use that money on things that FEMA authorized to you if you are unsure how you can use your money contact FEMA to get clarification this is extremely important and if you don't follow this easy and simple guideline you may be required to return the money to feed the FEMA financial and direct assistance program is an important tool you have available to help recover from the recent flooding take advantage of it it doesn't hurt to see if you are eligible and if your application is denied and you believe you should have been entitled to benefits contact disaster legal services as soon as possible for assistance and file an appeal we hope this information will be beneficial to you at this difficult time.


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