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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fema cost recovery forms

Instructions and Help about Fema cost recovery forms

This is disaster recovery center number two we have to set up right now ones in Cairo Illinois and ones up here they're open for a week and then they're going to relocate we're going to go to Marion the one in Cairo is going to go to Metropolis stay there for a week and then come on back so we're trying to be in very centralized locations so that everybody can come here needs help and get it we encourage people to register online or by phone instead of coming here you can register here if you need to but it's you have to answer some questions it's about a 15 minute phone call you know why not be comfortable in your own home you know or wherever you're at instead of coming here into lovely school but it's still you know you'd be sitting in waiting area doing it so they register online they describe what happened they describe what kind of damage they suffered they get in the system that way they get put on to a list and then we have an inspector go out and inspect the damage that occurred if they need other services they come in here they can check on the status of their application see where they're at this is a place where they come and meet someone face-to-face ask the questions and if they think they're stuck somewhere weird the log jam we can you know unfree the free of the log jam a little bit there and track what they're doing we also have other agencies and other departments with us so we have the individual assistance which is people right next to me we have mitigation down there mitigation is telling people information on how to make their home safer because a lot of people are going to have to rebuild they're going to have to do a lot of mitigation type activities like mold and mildew is going to be a big one that's coming up most of these homes around here have crawl spaces they had water in the crawlspace the water is gone now a lot of these homeowners are okay no problem solve the water is gone well now is when the mold and mildew is going to start up and this stuff can be really nasty and can be a health hazard we have the Illinois Emergency Management Agency is here as well they can do some stuff for some citizens we have Treasury state treasury will be here on the weekend to help if anybody has any issues with like unemployment we have the Small Business Administration here they are one of our biggest partners in disasters they don't get enough credit I don't think they're they're great great people they give out loans bhima gives out grants and our grants do not they're not the Silver Bullet they're not going to make everything better they're not big grants and our.

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