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Fema tools Form: What You Should Know

Emergency Transportation Assessment Tool (EAT).  Emergency Management Guide to Community Response.   Jan 12, 2023 — Federal Emergency Management Agency provides an online application for National Flood Insurance Program (FIP) members that contains information to help them meet NF DIP standards and requirements.  Oct 18, 2023 — Navigate the IS by choosing “Find” from the top navigation bar. Navigation tool — Navigate IS from the menu in the top navigation bar. Mar 23, 2023 — FEMA creates an online system to update records for the IS. Aug 19, 2023 — Search for and find FEMA grant information by entering keyword search terms and phrases in the main search box. Use of Government Services | FEMA.gov Exercise & Disaster Tools | FEMA.gov National Inventory and Evaluation System (NAMES) (formerly National Weather Modification Center). Search for and find KISS and NAMES grant information by entering keyword search terms, phrases, keywords and their abbreviations in the main search box. Exercise and Preparedness Tools | FEMA.gov National Disaster Risk Management System (MASS) National Hazardous Materials Inventory System (WHIMS). Search for and find MASS grant information by entering keyword search terms. Exercise and Disaster Tools | FEMA.gov Nuclear Security Initiative (NSW) Search for and find NSW grant information by entering keyword search terms with their abbreviations. F.D.A. — Federal Disaster Relief Search for and find F.D.A. grants using a range of search criteria. Search for and find federal relief awards available to private entities, including FHA National Flood Insurance Program (FIP), by entering “grant type” into the “Search by Field” and “National Disaster Assistance Act” fields. You may also want to use the “View Details and Terms” tab in the top navigation bar. FEMA Disaster Response Tools FEMA's Online Web Application: FEMA Disaster Response Tools Search for and find FEMA disaster relief grants by entering “grant type” into the “Search by Field” and “National Disaster Assistance Act” fields. You may also want to use the “View Details and Terms” tab in the top navigation bar.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Fema tools

Instructions and Help about Fema tools

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